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32                        THE FATE OF MAN

would become rationalistic and moralistic* The
influence of Marx on communism is apparently
developing much more as he intended, but still
the Russian communist revolution would doubt-
less greatly surprise him, since it quite contra-
dicts or even renounces his teaching. At the
moment the influence of Marx and Nietzsche is
active in the direction of the dehumanization of
society and culture. And this dehumanization
is at the same time de-christianization. Conserva-
tive Christians rarely note how completely this is
true. They are inclined to think that humanism
was a de-christianization, and for some reason
they do not associate dehumanization with the
fact that the image of God in man is being
darkened, that man is losing the sense, which
Christianity revealed to him, of being a son of

In the cultural and ideal tendencies of our
epoch dehumanization moves in two directions,
toward naturalism and toward technicistn. Man
is subject either to cosmic forces or to technical
civilization. It is not enough to say that he
subjects himself: he is dissolved and disappears
either in cosmic life or else in almighty technics;
he takes upon himself the image, either of nature
or of the machine. But in either case he loses
his own image and is dissolved into his component
elements. Man as a whole being, as a creature